Head over to our BOOKING page to secure a date with us.

Price may vary depending on the monthly theme (ie. seasonal, festive etc)

Please refer to BOOKING page for current menu price.

Available dates will be reflected on BOOKING page, in real time.

We serve dinner from 6pm-10pm.

Boon Keng!

Exact dining address will be sent to confirmed guests only.

Our standard menu is ideal for groups of 6pax.

We are fine to accept smaller groups at the same total price for 6pax.

No deduction from credit card upon confirmation of your reservation.

However, cancellation received within 1 week prior to booking date will incur a charge of 50% of the full dining price. Failure to arrive will be treated as a no-show and the same amount will be charged.

BYOB is limited to 1 bottle of wine (standard 750ml, or less) per group, at no corkage.

$30 applies to each additional bottle.

Yes, we do. Beverage list will be shared with confirmed guests ahead of dining date.

Sure, we do 🙂

Daily omakase menu will only be revealed upon guests’ arrival, on actual day of dining.

You can find SAMPLE MENU here.

Chef puts in a lot of thoughts to offer every group of guests an uniquely taste of WALA. From the use of seasonal ingredients, profile selection, transition of flavour intensity etc. You will get to taste the true definitely of Pizza Omakase by leaving-it-to-the-chef, especially if you are new to WALA.

Neverthelss, we do understand many of our WALA fans would already know their die-die-must-eat favorites. You may input your request in ‘Comments’ section under Booking page. Chef will be sure to take that into consideration, no promise though!

All in all, the best way to enjoy WALA to the fullest would be to come open-minded. Let us convert you, let us change your perception of pizzas!