Welcome to WALA

We do what we LOVE !


Beginning of 2021, Chef’s long obsession with dough and pizza led her to start WALA as a weekend passion project.

An unique marrying of Neapolitan-inspired dough science and stunning culinary fusion flavours.

At WALA, you get to appreciate not just the airiness, lightness and perfect chew of Canotto style pizza, out-of-the-world flavour profiles that you can find no where else, but most importantly, it’s WALA’s heart warming in-home hospitality and inspiring stories to elevate your private dining experience.

Coming from a Food Science & Nutrition background, Chef insists on creating robust flavours that are also best-for-you.

* Proprietary 5-day long fermentation, zero sugar & zero oil
* Traditional Italian (Naples) high protein, extra fine, “00” flour
* Weekly fresh Italian imports & daily farmer’s market ingredients
* Homegrown herbs and greens to provide farm-to-table experience

WALA is here to change your pizza perceptions forever, experience it yourself !

Listen to Chef’s story on SPOTIFY :